How To Negotiate An Early Retirement Package

Published: 23rd July 2008
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Instead of dismissing employees, a large quantity of companies is offering early retirement packages. More companies are offering early retirement packages for their employees. The reason for this is not only to downsize, but also to benefit the employee.

An early retirement package is the money that you will be get from your company. You will use the money to live off for a long time. As a result, you should be motivated to get the best package for youself since you want to live your years out comfortably. When early retirement is the only way you have, you can still negotiate to get the most beneficial retirement package. Negotiation must not be improvised because it requires careful planning. If you want to negotiate for more money, make sure that you are well prepared for it.

Sometimes, they try to make you believe that the option offered is the only possibility you have, but that is not true. The key is to insist until you obtain the desired package. Take into account that deadlines to decide if you are going to accept the package or not are not fixed. This decision is very important because we are talking about the only financial resource you will have to support yourself for the rest of your life. If you ever believe that the package you received was not fair, or it was not as good as you had been told, you have legal means to improve your situation. You just need a good lawyer to give you a hand.

Consider the employer's offer

Always start with an offer that is a little bit higher than the one you really want, because later on in the negotiation, you will have to give in a little bit. However, do not ruin the whole negotiation by proposing an unfeasible amount. You must do some research on how much other people have been negotiating for their packages.

Show How Efficient You Have been

Forget about modesty is this negotiation. Be ready to talk about the things you need to live, and above all, about all the good things you have given to the company during all those long years of hard work. If necessary, mention the hindrances you will have in your life if you do not get the right early retirement package. It is extremely necessary for you to prove that you need and deserve the amount you are asking for.

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