Is Cream of Tartar Good for Yeast Infection?

Published: 22nd July 2008
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Have you ever asked: is cream of tartar good for yeast infection? Did you know that yeast infection can be caused by a chemical or hormonal imbalance? Women are more prone to yeast infections, specially I the vaginal area, since yeast attacks wet and warm areas in the body.

Can I Use Cream Of Tartar To Treat Yeast Infection?

There are several alternative and homemade remedies for treating yeast infection (Candida albicans), and from those old wives' tales come theories such as using cream of tartar to treat the symptoms of yeast infections, such as itching and burning mainly, as well as the nasty discard.

What's in the Cream of Tartar?

Widely used in cooking because of its benefits, cream of tartar actually is an acid salt, which chemical name is potassium hydrogen tartrate, and is also used in home remedies.

We normally use cream of tartar to get perfectly beaten egg whites, because of its stablizing features. Cream of tartar is made of a chemical combination of potassium hydroxide with tartaric acid. It can be used in other kitchen preparations, and there is a large number of home remedies as well, that have cream of tartar, mainly because of its salty characteristics.

But, the issue here is if cream of tartar can be used as treatment for yeast infection. Actually, it's not possible, but remember that before taking any homemade or OTC medication for yeast infection you should see your physician and be properly diagnosed.

You should never let the yeast infection without treatment, as it has severe longterm hazards for your inner organs, as well as being extremely painful. That's why you must see your physician as soon as you notice any of the typical yeast infection symptoms: itching, swollen, painful area and cheese-like discard.

The yeast infection due to Candida albican fugus is the most common infection in the world, and affects mainly women, but can affect male adults, and even babies. It is caused by a chemical imbalance in your body and if you're still asking: is cream of tartar good for yeast infection? You should know that there's a specific treatment for each type of yeast infection and your doctor will have the solution that will work best for your case.

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