Symptoms Of Yeast Infection In The Lungs To Pay Attention To

Published: 23rd July 2008
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If you want to understand the symptoms of yeast infection in the lungs, you must know the fact that there is yeast all over the body, which is natural. However, this yeast is balanced with the presence of good bacteria. Otherwise, a yeast infection can occur.

There are a number of reasons for this imbalance to happen. There may be a decrease in the level of good bacteria, especially if the person uses steroids, or antibiotics.

These infections may happen in several parts of the body, like the men or women's genitals, mouth and skin.

However, there are other parts where yeast infection can occur, like the lungs. These are likely to get this infection because they are wet all the time, and steroids and antibiotics are present.

Being essential organs for life, it is crucial to recognize yeast infection in the lungs, in order to be able to fight the symptoms back.

The Symptoms Of Yeast Infection

An important fact for you to know is that if you are coughing too much it is not due to the presence of bacteria, but they are caused by a virus. That is why it is wrong to ask your physician to prescribe you antibiotics when you have a cough.

Therefore, after taking the antibiotic, both good and bad bacteria decrease, and the possibilities of getting yeast infection are higher. Consequently, you need to know how to recognize lung yeast infection.

One of the most frequent symptoms of lung yeast infection is a thick cough. The person suffering this infection can also feel shortness of breath.

This can also cause bronchitis, that is to say, bronchi inflammation. The bronchi are air passages to the lungs. These can become swollen and produce too much mucus.

If you believe that you are suffering yeast infection in the lungs, you must see your physician. It is very likely for the doctor to prescribe a medication, especially and inhaler, including Acting Beta2-Agonists, which dilates the bronchi. In order to eliminate the mucus excess, an expectorant may be recommended.

There are many other symptoms and if the infection does not happen to the lung, the symptoms can be very different. For example, if the infection happens in the vaginal area, discharge is the most common and obvious sign. However, since not everyone gets the discharge, another way to tell you have a vaginal yeast infection is if there is itching in and around the vaginal area.

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