Understanding Pressure Headaches And Relief Methods

Published: 19th July 2009
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Information On Pressure Headaches

Pressure headaches are the most common headaches and pressure headache pain tends to originate from the eyes, back, neck and other muscles. Pressure headaches can be chronic or episodic and can be described as a constant and consistent pressure. Pressure headaches are frequently related to stress and anxiety and are associated with muscle tension.

Finding Pressure headache Relief

There are many different pressure headache relief treatments. The most common of these treatments are prescription and over the counter medication. Additionally there are also natural, herbal and other home remedies. You need to determine what remedy works the best for you and many individuals will have their own personal preferences. No matter what remedy you choose there are many different options available.

Some non-medication and extremely effective forms of headache relief is to eliminate any stress and tension in your life. This may require you to make some lifestyle changes but will be well worth it in the end. You may need to see if your headache is related to your blood sugar as those with low blood sugar can sometime get pressure headaches. You also may need to change your posture as you are putting tension on certain joints and muscles in your body. Exercise and activity may be a great way to relieve headache pain. Massage is also extremely effective and relaxing method of headache relief.

Besides other relaxation techniques, stopping smoking, regular exercise, following a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep may also be effective in reducing and eliminating headaches.

You should consider speaking with your doctor to determine the best options for headache relief for you. Over the counter headache medication is very effective and do not tend to have side effects. Naproxen, ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen are all very popular and effective medications. As long as the proper dosage is followed these medications are very safe. Take into account that it's not advisable to take any of these over the counter drugs for a long time due to serious effects on the liver and or ulcers.

There are also some more powerful prescription medication available if you do not find the over the counter medication to be effective. You can get any of the over the counter medication at stronger dosages as well as ketoprofin, tolmetin and diclofenac to name just a few options. Herbs and other natural remedies such as aromatherapy and acupressure are also very effective and well-used pressure headache pain relief methods.

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